"Out of many, one vibe"

Baseline Cosmetics believes in starting at the base, and that's great skin!! Our featured Dainty Body Skin Soufflé and Dainty Body Glow Oil are the best for tan lines and good times. From self-care Sundays to your next sun kissed girl trip, Baseline Cosmetics has you covered.

Baseline Cosmetics is for those of us who love to show it off!! To combat some of my own struggles with dry and uneven skin, I started looking up natural ingredients that could solve my skin woes. After mixing an melting different oils and butters in my kitchen, I landed on the perfect formula. Good skin deserves to be seen, start your journey with Dainty Body Skin Soufflé and Dainty Body Glow Oil.

Being a Jersey girl born to Jamaican parents, my life has always revolved around tropical vacations. I have spent an endless amount of time on beaches around the world, so good skin was always a priority. Baseline Cosmetics is the glow behind of all of my life's experiences. The joy I find in every family get together, every holiday, and every girls trip shines through with Baseline Cosmetics. 

- Love and vibes, Nichole Naomi