"Out of many, one vibe"

Baseline Cosmetics brings you the beauty of the Caribbean and an electrifying party culture that represents the vibe of the people. Baseline Cosmetics is all about tan lines and good times with the featured Dainty Body Skin Soufflé handmade body butter. Soul sisters, music lovers, jetsetters, and party goers alike will find all their skins needs with Baseline Cosmetics.

Inspired by my love of travel, carnivals, music festivals and celebrations around the world, Baseline Cosmetics is for party people who don't miss a beat!!! From Carnival to Dream Weekend to Coachella to Beyonce's latest world tour......Baseline Cosmetics will be there to nourish your skin. 

Being a Jersey girl born to Jamaican parents, my life has always revolved around music and family. Being a first-generation American deeply rooted in Caribbean culture, Baseline Cosmetics is the beauty behind of all of my life's experiences. The joy I find in every family get together, every holiday, and every girls trip shines through with Baseline Cosmetics. 

- Love and vibes, Nichole Naomi